The Finest Fleece, Roving and Yarn


Alpaca & Spinning Books

When people see their first alpaca or maybe just an alpaca on television, in a movie or a magazine, they often fall in love with these fantastic and exotic creatures. They begin to inquire, search the Internet, and dream of owning their own alpacas.  Here are some excellent books on alpacas and spinning that will get you started on your very own alpaca journey.

The Complete Alpaca BookThe Complete Alpaca Book by Eric Hoffman
One of the most comprehensive alpaca books including chapters written by leading alpaca experts from around the world.  This book a very valuable resource and must-have reference for any alpaca owner.

The Alpaca Breeding BookThe Alpaca Breeding Book by Dr KD Galbraith
The author raises alpacas in Oklahoma and wrote this as a reference book for breeders having difficulty getting their females pregnant.  She wanted to help breeders understand alpaca behavior, health, hormones, stress, wormers, weather and and how it all affects their ability to reproduce.  Sharing over 12 years alpaca breeding experience this book will help you get your females pregnant. It includes information on nutrition, breeding strategies, herd sire selection, proven breeding schedule, and pregnancy testing.

Neonatal CareLlama and Alpaca Neonatal Care by Smith, Timm and Long
This book is an excellent reference guide for anyone who might be interested in breeding alpacas. It explains what to expect and what your role should be in the process.  It covers a wide range of topics with great illustrations and facts, from what signs of labor to look for to how to care for the newborn cria.

Medicine & Surgery of CamelidsMedicine and Surgery of Camelids by Murray E. Fowler
This is the classic comprehensive reference on llamas, alpacas, vicunas, guanacos, and camels. With information on topics ranging from nutrition and management to infectious diseases and emergency care, this book provides information on the health and maintenance of these species. Updates to the Third Edition include new information on camels; full color throughout; significant revisions to the parentage verification, infectious diseases, anesthesia, restraint, and nutrition sections; and additional information on the alpaca genome.​

Caring for AlpacasCaring for Llama and Alpacas:  A Health & Management Guideby Hoffman & Asmus This book is a guide to alpaca health care practices, first aid procedures, and general management.  It was designed to help distinguish between situations that need to be watched for a while or that you can treat and cases that need immediate veterinarian attention.  Written by a veterinarian, it is meant to alert you as to when you need veterinary assistance.

The Camelid CompanionThe Camelid Companion Handling and Training Your Alpacas & Llamas by Bennett
Definitive guide to handling, training, and managing llamas and alpacas.  Chock full of new techniques developed over the last 10 years this book is indispensable as well as fun to read.  Includes detailed information on every aspect of camelid ownership from fiber to weaning to toenail trimming and herding to halter fit. Chapters on Medical Herd Management, Herd Maintenance and Husbandry guide you through everything from the birth of a baby, to coping with emergencies.  Understand how your behavior is the key to training.

Alpaca Field ManualAlpaca Field Manual  by C. Norman Evans
This is the definitive resource to the Alpaca Industry. Topics include information on all the basics of owning and caring for alpacas, breeding, ultrasound & birthing, cria health, immunizations & parasites, diagnosis, drug dosages, nutrition, and fiber. This book has been a must have book for owners and veterinarians alike. The 3rd Edition of the Alpaca Field Manual includes contributions from other well known camelid vets in addition to new sections from the author, a renowned camelid vet.

A Place for Alpacasa place for Alpacas by Cilla Taylor
An easy to read book written for new or would-be owners of small alpaca herds. It covers a wide range of topics from alpaca behavior and farm layout to shearing and using the fleece, from breeding and care of the new born cria to halter training and alpaca shows, and from the history of alpacas to yards and pens for handling them.  It includes transporting alpacas, understanding fleece test results, making felt from fleece and more. Health, including information on basic procedures such as trimming toenails, body scoring and worming, are also included.

​​Alpaca FleeceAlpaca Fleece – What Can You Do With It?  By Annaliese Reis 
If you are an alpaca owner, every year you are faced with the decision of what to do with your fleeces. This book identifies a number of proven ways, to monetise your fleeces and gives details of where to sell them, as well as tips to improve your sales. Alpaca fleece is luxurious, warmer and stronger than cashmere, and softer than wool. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t itch so can be worn close to the skin. This book encourages you to take the fleeces out of the barn and share the beauty and attributes of your alpaca fleeces.

Spinning Books

Hands On SpinningHands on Spinning by Lee Raven 
If you are new to spinning this is one of the best books to guide you as you learn.  Chapters include Using the Hand Spindle, Spinning Wheels, Spinning on the Wheel, Fiber Preparations, Drafting and Spinning Techniques, Plying, and Finishing, and much more.

Start SpinningStart Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn  by Casey 
Whether you’re new to spinning or a seasoned spinner… this book is a must!  Maggie is a wonderful teacher and with the combination of her pictures she makes learning how to spin so much easier.  She teaches drop spindle and the wheel.