The Finest Fleece, Roving and Yarn

Alpaca Yarn and Roving For Sale

If you enjoy knitting, alpaca fiber is an excellent choice. For weavers and spinners, we offer raw cria fiber and roving. Unlike wool, alpaca fiber is hollow, making it a much better insulator. Also, alpaca fiber is softer than wool, and contains no lanolin, which causes an allergic reaction in many people. It is also free of coarse hair, making it a “no itch” fiber.

Alpacas come in more than 22 natural colors – pure white and black, as well as various shades of brown, gray, silver and fawn.

Verde Valley Alpacas sells two kinds of roving – traditional (luxurious single alpaca) and designer (a custom mix of alpacas creating beautiful multi-colored yarn after spinning).  Traditional roving sells for $25 for five ounces and the designer roving sells for $30 for five ounces.

Verde Valley Alpacas sells several weights of yarn in many different colors.

Two-ply sport sells for $25 for a 250 yard skein.
Two-ply fingering sells for $25 for a 200 yard skein.
Two ply double knit (DK) sells for $28 for a 250 yards skein.
Two ply worsted sells for $30 for a 250 yards skein.

Please call or email us about currently availability of colors and yarn weight.  Contact Eric or Su at (928) 325-3557 or email us at

Prices do not include postage/shipping which is at cost.

If you are interested in selling us fiber, please contact us to talk about our purchasing guidelines.

We look forward to working with you!